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Lana Rhoades videos. Tiara Ayase 21 videos. Hina Maeda 16 videos. Nozomi Hazuki 15 videos. Mayuka Akimoto 15 videos. Serina Hayakawa 15 videos. Double Penetration 5, Videos. Mature 3, Videos. MILF 29, Videos. Teens 45, Videos. Most Popular Tags See All. Sure, some folks play jazz or blues or folk on them but they are really ment for, well, classical music.

Fifth - even tho classicals are built very differently from a steel string, I would not consider it unless it was structurally perfect. Whlile they seldom need a neck reset, it is a good thing because the "traditional And they seldom have relief issues because the string tension is so much less, but there is no way to adjust the relief without planing the fretboard.

There is a lot less tension on the bridge, which is good because it is not as tightly attached to the top. So, on a 30 year old guitar I would check everything very thoroughly because it will be really hard to fix.

My little Sick Guitar sticky at the top of the page would give you a good start on checking the guitar. The yardstick should hit the top of the bridge just like a steel string, 0.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. She withstood every blow he sent her way as she called to him over and over until her body can't handle the abuse any more.

Another bone crushing blow and he sent her sailing back to the ground her power receding leaving her at his mercy and then she arrived telling her that the people has been evacuated asking her about what happened.

A deafening roar echoed throughout the valley as her brothers monstrous form appeared as fear gripped her being not for herself but for her.

She stood in front of her as she ignored her words and placed her body in front of her own reassuring her that everything will be alright. She looked at her big brother a smile on her face calling out to her big brother asking him to stop, that it's time to go back.

He stopped and looked at the small girl in front of him and lifted one of its massive arms swatting away the person that blocked his path. Time seemed to stop as she watched her little sister flew off into the distance as she screamed in horror willing her battered body to find her and hope to god she is alive completely ignoring the beast as it released a pained scream grasping its head and walking off to the valleys wall.

She ran and ran her body screaming at her to stop and rest but she ignored it and pushed through until she saw her. Lying on the ground unmoving made her hard stop as she rushed to her side finding her barely alive. She cried as her sister consoled her telling her that'll be alright and that she still has Elfman and their family that is Fairy Tail and urged her to check on their brother as she reluctantly left to find Elfman not knowing it would be the last time she'd see her.

The guy was missing for two days that even Happy didn't see him leave his room after finding out about Lissana's death and now he was standing beside her. His hair clinging to his face, deep circles under his eyes and if she didn't know any better hasn't been sleeping the last two days he spent in isolation, looking as worn out as she is. They stood there in silence with nothing to talk about staring at the grave of the person they both hold dear and reminiscing about the past would only hurt as the wounds were still fresh.

They walked along the road as she followed him through the town not caring where they went. She didn't ask when he entered a store and bought something and looking at the bag his carrying to see a few bottles of alcohol and wondered since when did he started drinking but she didn't really care. She didn't even notice that she was already standing inside Natsu's house that no one has ever seen. It was simple; a living room filled with different objects, souvenirs from the different jobs his taken, but what got her attention was the copy of the drawing Reedus made when they first met Happy and the happy memories that followed.

She nodded numbly passing him by and entering the bathroom and saw that he already prepared some clothes for her as she took a hot shower. She looked at the cask on her left arm before she ripped the cloth holding her arm in place and flexed her arm wincing a bit but relatively fine, finding something to break the cask and a can opener inside his medicine box wondering why it was there in the first place and decided to ask him later.

She sunk into the tub leaning her head on the edge allowing the warm water soothe her aching body. Getting out of the tub and drying herself, she found the clothes he prepared for her a shirt and his boxer shorts. Getting out of the bathroom wearing the clothes he provided as she saw him drinking with two out of the twelve bottles empty.

Taking a seat opposite him on the table with the only sign of him noticing her was a simple glance as he continued to slowly consume his drink as she took one for herself and joined him.

She was silent as she leaned on his chest and enjoyed in the warm and welcoming feeling he always exudes and wondered if this is why her little sister fell for him. Looking up to see his black orbs filled with worry for her made her do something they both didn't expect.

She didn't know if it was the alcohol or her desire to just forget her mistake as she pressed her lips on his closing her eyes not wanting to look at his expression. For a moment he just stood there doing nothing until she felt his strong arms wrapped themselves around her, drawing her closer to him, pulling back she looked up to see his face adopted a serious expression his cheeks still flushed and wondered if it was still the alcohol or their kiss that made him blush.

He didn't react and just kept quite positioning himself to her side to support her as he slowly guided her to his room placing her gently on the bed. Not that I wa s small, w ith my sister. Y es, wi th my li ttle brother, Moyo an swere d. My b rother, th e little brother, was a y ear younger, [ I spend a lot of time reading as a big distraction.

My li ttl e brother i s six- year s old, Moyo said. My mothe r has stayed in Switzerla nd with my lit tle brother but she' s been watching too. On entering her eyes fell upon the following sight: there was her.

My li ttle sister ha s a ttend ed dance [ We were f ive siblingsb ut my br other died whilst young f rom chickenpox an d four o f us rem ain ed -my thr ee sisters an d Ithe youngest. My f ath er and litt le brother di ed o f si ck ness. He lost his moth er and you nge r brother t o t he waves : "On that day I was playing next d oor at a n ei ghbor's house.

The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. Ni mi padre [ Para sobrevivir desde entonces, he tenido que trabajar, buscando [ To survive since then, I have had to work, [ Over the last two years that I have worked with [ After two days, I can go back to school, I can look after our [ Por ser la mayor de mis hermanos, me [ Al entrar, mis ojos se toparon con este cuadro: mi [ On entering her eyes fell upon the following sight: there was her [.

It originally debuted on their independent release Remember Two Things. It reached 18 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. It has been regarded as having a very difficult and precise drum part played by the band's Carter Beauford.

The name "Tripping Billies" came to be when a band member's girlfriend told Dave Matthews that his band sounded like "a bunch of hillbillies tripping on acid". And I thought, 'oh, no, that's not good. Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett has performed "Tripping Billies" at concerts on numerous occasions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Dave Matthews Band. The Best of What's Around Vol. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Laurent Garnier has been making the planet dance for 25 years. And, for all this time, his huge energy has seen him grooving behind record decks, bouncing up and down behind studio equipment and leaping around radio studios.

He is a multi-faceted artist whose impact on the music scene is far-reaching. But above all he is a DJ, a true DJ: transformed by music, passionate about the crowd. Bodies move in a trance on the dance floor, minds elsewhere. Yet he is also a discoverer of old and new sounds, and has an amazingly rich musical culture. Read more on Last. Bang The Underground Doesn't Stop. Boom Chakolak Traumer African remix. Revenge of the Lol Cat.

Wise Words for No-Life Guacamoles. Revenge of the Lol Cat Fulgeance remix. Bang The Underground doesn't stop. Jack in the Box. Our Futur Deeper Detroit mix. It's Just Muzik. No Musik, No Life. Gnanmankoudji Horny Monster mix. Porn actresses rankings: World 8, Asia Japan Pornstars rankings: World 9, Asia Japan Signed up: June 1, 1, days ago. Dalian Juntian Co. Dalian Ronghua Technology Development Co.

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Calling Your Name 7. Calling Your Name Antiloop Garage club mix 8. Forever Wild 9. Free Like a Flying Demon Here I Go Again Here I Go Again Richi's extended version I'm Not Alone Princess of Egypt Princess of Egypt Pinocchio remix Russian Lullaby Princess of Egypt Pinocchio remix Russian Lullaby Russian Lullaby Dogshit le Club mix Set the World on Fire So Dem a Com Lori Brune edit This Is the Way This Is the Way Waterdreamix When Religion Comes to Town Will I See You Again?

Popular E-type Lyrics 1 Arabian Star feat. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Add Comment. Angels Crying 2. Angels Crying radio version 4. Back in the Loop 5. Calling Your Name 7. Calling Your Name Antiloop Garage club mix 8. Forever Wild 9. Maxi Dance Sensation, Volume Le meilleur de la musique - Back 2 Life - EP.

Le meilleur de la musique: Power Summer Party Skitzmix 33 Mixed by Nick Skitz. Pioneer The Album Vol. Back To Life.

Bodypump Fall From The Sky. I'll Always Be Around. Walk Away. Pop Preludium. Paradise radio version. Paradise extended version. Paradise M12's Maximum radio mix. I Just Wanna Be With. Until the End. Angels Crying Country mix.

This Is the Way extended euro mix. This Is the Way Knife n Fork mix. Paradise M12's Maximum club mix. So Dem a Com. Set the World on Fire radio version. Set the World on Fire extended PoP mix. Set the World on Fire single version. Russian Lullaby Vodka Russian Mix. This Is the Way extended.

Set the World on Fire extended mix. Set the World on Fire Amadin Boeing remix. This Is the Way Biff n Memphis vocal. This Is the Way Knife n Fork edit. This Is the Way 7" euro edit. This Is the Way Dune dub mix. This Is the Way Onda del Futuro extended remix. I'm Falling. Morning Light. Far Up in the Air.

Life radio version feat. Na Na. Set the World Unplugged. Me No Want Miseria. I'll Find a Way. When Religion Comes to Town.

I'm Flying. Arabian Star feat. Na Na live at Dreamland. Set the World on Fire 7" version. Calling Your Name Radio Version. Back 2 Life Radio Edit. So Dem a Com Explorer Version. Calling Your Name Antiloop remix. True Believer Real Booty Babes mix. Leave a review. This Is the Way Waterdreamix. Calling Your Name Antiloop Garage club mix. Russian Lullaby Dogshit le Club mix. Princess of Egypt Pinocchio remix.

Here I Go Again Richi's extended version. So Dem a Com Lori Brune edit. Calling Your Name. I'm Not Alone. Forever Wild.

Princess of Egypt. Angels Crying 2. Angels Crying radio version 4. Back in the Loop 5. Calling Your Name 7. Calling Your Name Antiloop Garage club mix 8.

Forever Wild 9. Free Like a Flying Demon Here I Go Again Here I Go Again Richi's extended version I'm Not Alone Princess of Egypt

Paroles officielles Set the World On Fire (UK Biff & Memphis Remix) lyrics par E-Type: Ooohh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah x4 So I am what I am and what I.

When school let out on Monday, all students were sent home with paper, pencils and learning materials. The district has 1, laptops available for checkout, but needs several thousand more to guarantee equitable learning for all students. A six-month gap could be crippling for many at-risk children, said Amber Waldref, director of the Zone Project, which works with businesses and other organizations to help families in northeast Spokane. However, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers union, downplayed the concern about lost time.

All of Me. Legend, John. Piano Sonata No. Rondo Alla Turca. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Tiny Dancer. John, Elton. Beethoven, Ludwig Van. Sheeran, Ed. Waving Through a Window. Dear Evan Hansen. Dance Monkey. Tones and I. Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys, making all the noise, 'cause they found new toys. BMG Rights Management. Alice Cooper - School's Out.

School is in, so we need something get us through. And these songs are great when walking to school or while working on some project late at night.

I have it saved for those rare times during the school year. I love the mix of chill tunes with the fun upbeat tracks. The songs range from the pop band 5SoS to the likes of Walk the Moon. First Day of School. Labor Day - No School.

Fall Break. We will establish a high-performing and caring culture in our schools, the school district and in our community by: Establishing high and unambiguous expectations for adults and youth; Implementing the support necessary for trauma-informed care and instruction; Providing rigorous and engaging instruction at all levels; Deeply investing in the development of all employees; and Ensuring high-quality choices for all youth in their education as well as their educational setting.

Our declared goals for the dramatic improvement of our culture and community will be possible with a set of supporting elements that are for all youth and adults in SUSD.

Our Theory of Instruction is how we believe the art of teaching and learning develops our students. Our Theory of Change is the system we believe will best guide the improvements we seek and support our theories of instruction and action.

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Still, I consider it as one of the two weakest song from this superb album. Because David is extremely performing here. Lyrically and musically. The tile track is another brilliant song. So, it's only my interpretation. The lyrics anyway don't mention this at all. The song is again on the hard side and Fripp does have a lot of pleasure, apparently. Throughout the album its cold and metallic guitar sound will definitely mark this album.

A highlight. Would you believe? Major Tom is back after having wandering into space for over eleven years! Ground control has finally got the contact. In the meantime our dear old Major Tom has been through several experiences and is pretty much a bad guy. A funny wink and a great video clip, Bowie himself wrote the script and at the end one can see his mother while the lyrics say: "My mama said to get things done, you'd better not to mess with Major Tom".

It will be number one in the UK. Another highlight. Side one ends up on "Fashion". My least favourite of the whole album. Too funky. Too "Young Americans" oriented. B-side opens on the fantastic "Teenage Wildlife". So reminiscent of "Heroes".

A catchy melody, great backing vocals, complex guitar of course and powerful lyrics. David being some sort of a godfather giving advices to a young man: "You'll take me aside, and say Well, David, what shall I do?

They wait for me in the hallway I'll say Don't ask me, I don't know any hallways. Seven minutes of pure happiness. Another highlight of course. The next song "Scream Like A Baby" is not a new one. David had already written parts of it as soon as. Great vocal effects, fine synth. Do I need to talk about the guitar parts? The next song is somewhat weaker and more straight forward.

It was composed by Tom Verlaine. The leader of the great "Television" whom I saw in 78 at the Brussels University. A great souvenir. A very special guest is playing the guitar on the next song: Pete Townsend himself! The beat is again wild, the bass play very effective. It appears to be a song written to the attention of Zowie David's son who had just celebrated his tenth birthday. And we close as we opened. Much softer than part one, the lyrics are all in English this time; actually the English section of Part one only the last phrase is new.

The loop has been looped. The remastered CD edition features several bonus tracks of which a stripped down version of "Space Oditty" without the great Wakeman keys. It might give an another angle to it, but it is not coming close of the fantastic original.

The speeded up version of "Panic In Detroit" is also somewhat weird. As if David was in hurry. Again, the original sounds miles better. The next one is an instrumental track. It was backed up with "Alabama Song". It should have closed the album but was pushed out by "It's No Game, Part two". It is a wonderful and ambient song which reminds instantly the great atmosphere of "Low" "Warszawa", "Subterraneans".

Since the fans had to pay lots of money to get this, David insisted to have it on this new CD version. The last number is a strange piece of "music". Original composed by Bertold Brecht and was already covered by "The Doors" under the name of "Alabama Song" on their debut album.

It is frankly pretty much uninteresting. Roy Bittan — tracks A4, B1. Larry Alexander — tracks A2—B5. Jeff Hendrickson — tracks A2—B5. Lynn Maitland — tracks A4—A5. Chris Porter engineer — tracks A4—A5. Tony Visconti — tracks A4—A5. David Bowie — track A5. Tom Verlaine track B3. David Bowie — tracks A2—A4. Tony Visconti track A2. Tony Visconti tracks A2—B5. David Bowie tracks A2—B5. Tony Visconti — tracks A2—B5. David Bowie track A1. Where do you go when hope is gone?

Slowly, brutally and with a savage, satisfying crunch, David Bowie eats his young. Popular on Rolling Stone. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone. To help keep your account secure, please log-in again. Ashes to Ashes. Teenage Wildlife.

Scream Like a Baby. Kingdom Come. Tom Verlaine. Because You're Young. Spotify Amazon. Up the Hill Backwards David Bowie.

Ashes to Ashes David Bowie.

Kingdom Come Lyrics: Well, I walked in the pouring rain / And I heard a voice that cries "It's all in vain" / The voice of doom was shining in my room / I just need one day somewhere far away / Oh.

Ajouter au panier. Add review. Data sheet Gregorian chant, office of Saint Joseph. Reference CD Author Choir of monks of Abbaye of Flavigny. Editor Traditions Monastiques. Joseph, there will be an uninterrupted series of special venerators of the holy patriarch.

And still greater amid more continuous will be the cultus in proportion as the number of persons who adopt this exercise becomes greater. Joseph, is invited to honour him with a special cultus on one day at pleasure in the year, and on one day in each month, thereby to console him in those afflictions of his, of which our sins were the cause.

For this object he will take care to perform the following practices with the greater diligence and fervour: i. To approach the holy Sacraments, - i. To make one quarter of an hour's meditation on the afflictions of St.

To keep himself recollected in soul, and to pass the day in union with St. Joseph, v. To do some act of mortification, or some work of spiritual or corporal mercy. To say seven Paters, Aves, and Glorias in honour of his afflictions and his joys. To finish the day with a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and with an offering of the heart to St.

Whosoever consoles St. Joseph in life shall be aided by him in death. By a Brief of Jan. Joseph - 50 days indulgence every time that with contrite hearts and devotion they shall say, in any language, the following ejaculation. Alme Joseph, dux noster, nos et sanctam Ecclesiam protege. Foster-father Joseph, our guide, protect us and the holy Church. By a Brief of Feb. Joseph, in any language, provided the translation be a faithful one - days indulgence, to be gained once a day.

It is unknown if he had any direct connection to Oaxaca Cathedral though some of his compositions are found in manuscript there. In his sacred Latin works Salazar was noted for a strict contrapuntal style harking back to Palestrina. Joseph, to implore his efficacious protection in life and in death:. Quicumque sanus vivere, Cursumque vitae claudere In fine laetus expetit, Opem Josephi postulet.

Hic sponsus almae Virginis, Paterque Jesu creditus, Justus, fidelis, integer, Quod poscit, orans impetrat. Foeno jacentem parvulum Adorat, et post exulem Solatur; inde perditum Quaerit dolens, et invenit. To all who would holily live, To all who would happily die, St. Joseph is ready to give Sure guidance, and help from on high. Here the first stanza is repeated: To all who would holily live, To all who would happily die, St.

All praise to the Father above; All praise to the glorious Son; All praise to the Spirit of love, While the days of eternity run. An indulgence of days, once a day, to all the faithful who with contrite heart practise the following devotion in honour of the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of the glorious Patriarch St.

An indulgence of days, every Wednesday in the year, and every day of the two Novenas preceding the two feasts of St. Joseph, i. A plenary indulgence, on each of these two feasts, to such as, after Confession and Communion, shall say the prayers. A plenary indulgence once a month to all who say these prayers daily for a month, on any one day in the month when, after confession and Communion, they shall pray according to the intention of the Sovereign Pontiff.

Pope Gregory XVI, of holy memory, granted farther Indulgences to all the faithful who say the prayers on any seven consecutive Sundays in the year, sic. A days indulgence on each of these Sundays, and — vi. A Plenary indulgence on the seventh, after confession, communion. Vide Rescript of the S. A Plenary indulgence, on each of the seven Sundays kept as above in honour of the holy Patriarch St Joseph, at any time in the year whatever, provided only they be kept consecutively, and provided also the usual conditions are observed of Confession, Communion, visit to a church, and prayer according to the mind of his Holiness.

Joseph, pure spouse of most holy Mary, the trouble and anguish of thy heart were great, when, being in sore perplexity, thou wast minded to put away thy stainless spouse: but this joy was inexpressible when the archangel revealed to thee the high mystery of the Incarnation. Pater, Ave, and Gloria. Joseph, Blessed Patriarch, chosen to the office of Father of the Word made Man, the pain was keen that thou didst feel when thou didst see the Infant Jesus born in abject poverty; but thy pain was changed into heavenly joy when thou didst hear the harmony of angel-choirs, and behold the glory of that night when Jesus was born.

Lift up your hearts. We have lifted them up to the Lord. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. It is meet and just. It is truly meet and just, right and availing unto salvation, that we should at all times and in all places give thanks unto Thee, O holy Lord, Father almighty and everlasting God; and magnify Thee with due praise, bless and proclaim Thee blessed Joseph; who, as a just man, was given by Thee to be the spouse of the Virgin Mother of God, and as a faithful and prudent servant, was set over Thy family, that with fatherly care he might guard Thine only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, conceived by the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost.

Through whom the angels praise Thy majesty, the dominions worship it, the powers stand in awe. The Heavens and the heavenly hosts with the blessed seraphim join together in celebrating their joy. But while he thought on these things, behold the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in his sleep, saying: Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost. Adesto nobis, quaesumus, misericors Deus : et, intercedente pro nobis beato Joseph Confessore, tua circa nos propitiatus dona custodi.

Second Postcommunion to implore the Intercession of the Saints Mundet et muniat nos, quaesumus, Domine, divini Sacramenti munus oblatum : et, intercedente beata Virgine Dei. Third Postcommunion for the Living and the Dead Purificent nos, quaesumus, Omnipotens et misericors Deus, sacramenta quae sumpsimus : et, intercedentibus omnibus Sanctis tuis, praesta; ut hoc tuum sacramentum non sit nois reatus ad poenam, sed intercession salutaris ad veniam : sit ablution scelerum, sit fortitude fragilium sit contra omnia mundi pericula firmamentum ; sit vivorum atque mortuorum fidelium remissio omnium delictorum.

Come to our assistance, we beseech Thee, O merciful God; and through the intercession of blessed Joseph Thy confessor, graciously preserve Thy gifts about us. Second Postcommunion to implore the Intercession of the Saints May the oblation of this divine sacrament cleanse and defend us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, and, through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with blessed Joseph, Thy blessed apostles Peter and Paul, blessed N.

Third Postcommunion for the Living and the Dead May the sacraments which we have received purify us, we beseech Thee, O almighty and merciful Lord; and through the intercession of all Thy saints, grant that this Thy sacrament may not be unto us a condemnation, but a salutary intercession for pardon; may it be the washing away of sin, the strength of the weak, a protection against all dangers of the world, and a remission of all the sins of the faithful, whether living or dead.

Humilitate capita vestra Deo. Praesta, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus : ut, qui in tua protectione confidimus, cuncta nobis adversantia, te adjuvante, vicamus.

Bow down your heads before God. Grant, we beseech Thee, almighty God, that we who trust in Thy protection, may by Thy help overcome all things standing in our way. Views Read View source View history. Support CPDL.

Description Gregorian chant, office of Saint Joseph. Communion Joseph fili David: 1 mn 04 s. Data sheet Gregorian chant, office of Saint Joseph. Reference. CD Author. Choir of monks of Abbaye of Flavigny. Editor. Traditions Monastiques. Name of the product.

Continue Shopping. Lyotsa Pyesnya Song of the Gypsy. Kolyechko The Ring. Kak Stranno How Strange. Dvye Gitary Two Guitars. Ekh, Dorogi The Roads. Svyetit Mesyats The Moon is Shining. Come Back. Related Posts. The Gypsy Flame theatre production, February Why foundation? Gypsy Feast Event in London, 13 April Yagori performance at Odessa Club in London, 30 March Saeeda 15th August at pm - Reply.

Kostya the Sailor Kostya Moryak. Silence Tishina. Little Meadow Polyanka. Ukrainian Dance Kazachok. Gossip Spletni. Ukainian Medley Ukrainskoye Popurri. Forget-Me-Not Nezabudka. Moldavian Dance Moldavanskii Tanets. Poidu Li, Vyidu Li Ya medley. Seller : giugiarecords. Seller : sebododisco.

Seller : johnnysassoli. Price : 6. Seller : vinylminded. Seller : semperfi Seller : ubik Format : LP x 2. Seller : rekordhamburg. Format : 12 inch 45 rpm.

Seller : wallysgrooveworld. Seller : nrgflash. Seller : rixrecords. Seller : thespacebar. Seller : papman. Seller : vinyltap. Seller : acchord. Price : 5. Price : 7. Price : 2. Format : 7inch EP. Price : 3. Seller : malakodisc. Format : 7inch SP. Seller : picpus. Seller : jbuonomo. Seller : historybuffstuff. Read more about this movie in Russian. Click on this icon to listen to a music from the movie "Gypsy".

Link to this music click on icon shown above. Posted in Multicultural Diversity 2 Comments. Comments RSS. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Russian Pickle talks about people of Russia, history, culture, art and craft. Feeds: Posts Comments. Most interesting material is my personal translation from ru.

Gypsy Flag. Death to all grasped within the state of the Gypsies. Spanking and kleymlenie hot iron for women and children. By law, in the death penalty for men. According to an additional order of Elizabeth I of the law was toughened. All of them were hanged in Eylesberi. They were about the same, diversity manifests itself only in the details. Thus, in Moravia to Roma cut off his left ear, in Bohemia right.

In archduchy Austrian preferred brand, and so on. Perhaps the most brutal was Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia. In he ordered put to death all Roma men and women over the age of eighteen years. As a result of persecution of Gypsies in Western Europe, first, strongly criminalized because do not have the opportunity to legally earn a livelihood, and secondly, almost cultural mothballed still gypsies of Western Europe are considered the most suspicious and committed to a literal following of the ancient traditions.

They also had to fight a particular way of life: to travel at night, hiding in forests and caves, which strengthened the suspicion of the population, but also gave rise to rumors of cannibalism, Satanism, vampirism and oborotnichestve Roma, a consequence of these rumors was the appearance of related myths about the kidnapping and especially children for human consumption or for Satanic rituals and a potential for evil spell.

The earliest Russian official document mentioning the Roma, is from — Decree Anna Ivanovna of new taxes on the military:. In addition to the contents of the regiments now determine the charges to the Roma, as in Little Russia to collect them, and in suburban shelves and in the Great Russian cities and counties assigned to suburban shelves, and for this fee to determine the specific rights, as the Roma in the census have not been written.

In this instance the report of Lieutenant-General Prince Shahovskoy was explained, among other things, that the Roma in the census could not write because they do not live yards.

Impoverished or marginalized Roma from Romania, western Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia — former soc. Nowadays you can see literally every crossroads of the world, women of the Roma have returned en masse to the old traditional occupation — begging.

Ukrainian Roma, Lviv. Gypsy wedding. Russian Gypsy. Russian Gypsies with beautiful images. Old Gypsy Song and pictures. Russian Gypsy aka "reality show". Singing Rada Lekareva. Gipsy-own unique shoulder move. Epizode from movie "Gypsy".

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The smell of resined leather The steely iron mask As you cut and thrust and parried at the fencing master's call He taught you all he ever knew To fear no mortal man And now you'll wreak your vengeance in the Screams of evil man. The Duellists [Harris] He threw down a glove you made the mistake Of picking it up now you're gone The choosing of guns or fighting with swords The choice of weapons is gone He'll tear you apart as soon as you start You know you don't have a chance Oh, oh.

Fight for the honour Fight for the splendour Fight for the pleasure Oh, oh. Fight for the honour Fight for the splendour Fight for your life!

Ready to start the duel begins The best man wins in the end A lunge and a feint, a parry too late A cut to the chest and you're down Seeing the stain then feeling the pain Feeling the sweat on your brow The fighting resumes, a silence looms The swordsmen move 'gainst each other A cut and a thrust, a parry, a blow A stab to the heart and you're down The angel of death hears your last breath Meanwhile the reaper looks on Oh, oh.

Fought for the honour Fought for the splendour Fought for the pleasure Oh, oh. Fought for the honour Fought for the splendour Fought to the death 6. Shell-shock in the kitchen. Tables overturned Back in the village again In the village, I'm back in the village again.

Throwing dice now, rolling loaded I see sixes all the way, In a black hole and I'm spinning As my wings get shot away.

Questions are a burden And answers are a prison for oneself Shell-shock in the kitchen Tables start to burn. Back in the village again In the village, I'm back in the village again. No breaks on the inside, Paper cats and burning barns, There's fox among the chickens, And a killer in the hounds.

If we were to say 8 minutes or longer, that list would expand by a handful. It doesn't get any better than this. Digging: Ulthar - Providence. Iron Maiden Powerslave 4. Review Summary: A work of art. Every member of the band reaches the peak of their instrumental game here. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith become the best riffing and soloing twin guitar act in the business, executing rhythm tracks that, sure, you could make like James Hetfield and down-pick them, but why would you want to give yourself carpal-tunnel syndrome in your twenties?

As a bass player especially, he has brilliant moments all over the album but where he seems to shine the most are on the songs he didn't even write, practically stealing the show right back under from Adrian and Bruce.

Some critics would say that sometimes 80's Maiden epics go on for too long, and where I come from thems are fightin' words. But that said, there is one teensy, tiny nitpick I have with this album that prevents me from awarding the full 5. The soloing section of the Duelists just goes on for too long.

There's even an awkward moment at where everyone, including the listener is wondering "weren't we talking about a sword fight? But let's talk about the positives, like the fact that the harmony riff to Aces High is so perfectly realized in the studio, it seems practically impossible to play live without eliminating that atonal harmonic or at least the one that sounds like it's being played by an amateur.

Let's talk about Losfer Words, a very strong contender for the greatest instrumental of Maiden's career. The only other piece keeping it from taking the top spot in metal is Orion and La Villa Strangiato, if your definition of metal stretches to that.

Mine does, but others don't. Let's talk about how Bruce Dickinson with a little arranging help from Steve came up with arguably the 7th wonder of Maiden's catalogue, the title track. Those Phrygian scale riffs in the verse AND in the pre-chorus! By the way, in case anyone thinks that absolutely sublime third guitar solo at is Adrian, it is in fact Dave. Adrian's solo at is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but this is one of two times where it's not even close, and he is hopelessly outclassed by Dave Murray.

Then there are the two songs which for many people, are the be all, end all of Iron Maiden. Pure brilliance. Sadly, Maiden pretty much never made an album that absolutely, definitively ruled from start to finish, hence the oft said "great albums overall, but with some filler tracks". Musically it's actually very good, but compared to the first five songs it just ain't as memorable or interesting.

The lyrics are a sequel of sorts to The Prisoner from Number Of The Beast, and really, do such lyrics belong on an album about dogfights, war, swordfights, pharaohs, and sailing ships?

To a point perhaps, but they're hardly the definition of epic, or imaginative for that matter. The difference is that the latter is interesting both lyrically and musically despite being reasonably simple while the former wallows in an already used subject and in comparison is thus rather tepid. Not a bad song, simply a less good one. But this album is not known as mostly filler-less for nothing, and indeed, the title track then comes pounding in with a mighty riff that reminds me why I love Maiden so much.

The use of the harmonic minor scale here is completely appropriate considering the subject matter even though Ancient Egypt may not have actually used such scales. I have no idea either way and Bruce gives a great performance once more, showcasing how much variety he has as a vocalist. Too many people think of him doing the high-pitched operatic wailing and little else. There's far more to him than that, as he would also prove in subsequent albums.

Although the song is pretty straightforward from a compositional point of view, with just two main riffs, it is actually fairly progressive as a whole. After the verses and chorus repeat a couple of times, the song becomes much quieter, and a lovely melodic solo is played over clean guitar. About a minute or so later the heaviness returns, but the solo continues.

A few more twists and turns follow and then the song goes back to the verses and chorus, finally ending with some more great harmonic minor riffs. All in all, a true classic. After all of this brilliance, with six great songs and just one of a more average kind, one might imagine that the album could not really be any better than it already is. They would be mistaken, as Rime Of The Ancient Mariner opens with a crushing riff sure to get any heads banging instantly. Although the main riff is simple, it works.

The harmonised twin-guitar riffs are fantastic, with the section just after Bruce's "and the ship sailed on and on into the sea" being superlative, regardless of whether it is complex or not.

The song as a whole is definitely that, though, with many stops and starts, one long break, and plenty of changes from start to finish. Said break is a very cool part - a little overlong perhaps, but it works.

As a contrast between the first and second parts of the song it works even better. The latter half is very positive, with a fairly light riff playing over Bruce's singing of how the Mariner survived his horrible ordeal, and then the heaviness returns and a fantastic solo - one of Maiden's best ever - follows.

Finally the song goes back to its original main riffs, both the normal and harmonised ones, as Bruce finishes the tale by explaining that the Mariner had learned greater respect for all life by the time he returned home. A fantastic and very heroic and positive end to a magnificent song. So there you have it. While nothing is perfect, this is one of the only two Maiden albums that have no genuinely weak songs. The other is Somewhere in Time.

That album is my favourite of their entire discography, and this one is now second. Considering how I used to feel about it that might seem strange, but it's true. I simply hadn't listened to it properly before.

It really is all that - like its predecessor and next two successors it influenced the epic side of metal hugely, and by that I mean HUGELY. It represents the furthest they could take their songs without the use of keyboards or synths, and they succeeded admirably at everything. From the twin-guitar harmonies, to the heavy yet melodic riffs, soaring vocals, fantastic storytelling and often progressive, massive compositions, this album was easily as influential as Number Of The Beast in its own way, as were the other three directly around it.

Now the biggest question: is Powerslave overrated? Hell yes. But it is also one of the best albums the band ever created, and almost perfect from start to finish.

That might seem like a bizarre statement, and technically speaking it is: the very term overrated implies a sense of hype, of making something up, that the true contents are not as awesome as the pretty wrapper. But this album somehow manages to be beloved by all - hardcore fans, casual fans, non-fans who simply like Maiden, and even ordinary rockers alike, and yet still remains utterly outstanding in every way. Very few albums are like that, and that's another part of this record's charm, I guess.

So to sum up: essential, whether you love Maiden, love Heavy Metal, just love good ol' heavy rock, or love all three. Influential beyond belief, and all around fantastic. Powerslave is a monumental album in many respects. Drawing inspiration from an age long past, here was Iron Maiden at the top of their game. I mean…fuck yeah, man!

This was the band! This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to move mountains. It is the kind of music that makes a man want to sail the seas and battle rivals for treasure hidden in dank caves and under waterfalls. What does this album do right? Everything about this is big. Have you seen the stage shows from this era?

Huge pyramids, Eddie as an undead pharaoh and enough scope to make this band and this album larger than life altogether. Maiden went all out making this as hugely grandiose as possible, and it really makes the whole thing a lot of fun.

That about sums up the feel of Powerslave. Nothing is subtle about this, nothing is abstract or downplayed, and it all makes the whole experience more enjoyable. It is a certain childlike sense of imagination that pervades the music here. The two best songs on here are saved for last, with the title track coming first. The riff in this song is just fucking legendary, with a killer groove and a sinister laugh backing it up to make it sound like it really did come from some dark, musty Egyptian tomb long since buried underground.

The verses are excellent, demonic and deep-throated in delivery, and the chorus is delivered with a dramatic flair that is nothing less than irresistible. Filled with theatrics and metallic pomposity, this song just flat out rules. Do you want the full experience of this song? Go get the original Coleridge poem, take an iPod or other mp3 playing device, and put this song on while you read the poem by the sea.

I have done it myself, and it is truly epochal and wondrous. Try it out sometime. Take my word for it. It encompasses just about everything Heavy Metal is about, from the adventurousness to the iconic over-the-top execution.

A grand-standing masterpiece. From the release of The Number of the Beast in to the career defining masterpiece Somewhere in Time four years later, Iron Maiden could simply not be stopped. The four studio albums of this period and the excellent Live After Death represent one of the strongest, if not THE strongest runs ever from a metal band, and Powerslave fits into this with a grandeur of lyrical legerdemain and unforgettable songcraft. Who could forget the iconic Derek Riggs artwork gracing this cover?

As timeless as its source. Like any proper Maiden album, this one is best defined by its unerring melodies, powerful vocal performance and lyrical adherence to history, mythology and fiction. Half of the tracks here can be counted among their hits, staples of many a setlist across the past few decades. The vocals in the bridge and chorus are immortal. As memorable as all of these songs are, we haven't yet arrived at the 'epic' portion of the album, comprised of its final two tracks at least on the original release.

No offense to Nile or any other band which thoroughly explores Ancient Egypt thematically and more accurately , but this remains the most effective Egyptian themed metal song ever to this day, despite having only a few riffs which directly mirror the cultural vibe. It's all in the delivery. Though the album has been remastered, the original mix still sounds fantastic. Some decent bonus tracks have been added with the version, in particular "King of Twilight" is worthy of being here.

The musicianship is all-around excellent, from Nico's well balanced drumming to the Harris bass wizardry, dual guitar melodies and Dickinson's masterful delivery. Compare this to almost any album of its year It goes without saying that this belongs in any true metal fan's collection, but in the rare case some reader has been living under a rock or kidnapped by merfolk all these years Even the merfolk listen to Iron Maiden.

So you have no excuse. The sense of frustration with the corruption in the Capitalist and Communist systems as they prepare for what may be the final struggle of mankind is perfectly explained as Dickinson lays blame on humanity itself rather than one or both primary factions coming to a head in the s to for what is now called The Cold War.

The reference to the Doomsday Clock is another great apocalyptic allusion found within this song. The closest that the Doomsday Clock has come to midnight was two minutes in when the United States and the USSR were testing thermonuclear weapons within months of each other, tensions were at a height, and the battlefields that were used just eight years prior as the Allies struggled against the Third Reich were set to erupt again between two socioeconomic ideologies.

By , tensions were still very high between the Capitalist and Communist empires, and Bruce Dickinson expresses aggravation with the powers that be that, despite being at the brink of an inconceivable nuclear holocaust, still practice the same corrupt intrigue that brought these tensions to this height. The guitars are memorable, flashy, and distinctively Iron Maiden. The riffing and solos in the big three tracks of the album Aces, 2 Minutes, Powerslave are perfect and greatly compliment the rest of the band.

The guitars are perfectly written for this album and display what Maiden is really all about. If there is any quintessential Iron Maiden song that displays everything that makes this band great and so beloved by their fans, it would be this song.

There you have it. All kinds of standard metal proof items filling the lyrical content of this classic Iron Maiden album. The band now found themselves at the height of their career in the middle eighties. The result is remarkable. It is obvious Iron Maiden could deliver under stressing circumstances. They just went in and came out holding Powerslave under their arms. And what a majestic piece it was. The band had written some epics earlier but this one was over 13 minutes long yet still logical and easy to sit through without ever getting dull or dragging.

Especially the strong middle section including its harmonies and leads is a great piece of work not forgetting to mention the strong chorus. Once again Dickinson excels here. The title track, as Dickinson and Harris explained later, initially consisted of three different ideas for songs but somehow worked together perfectly. The good Egyptian atmosphere of the main riff, the laid back middle section which excels in beauty, it all worked out fine. Coincidence, sheer dumb luck or clever composing?

Who cares really. The song is a true Maiden classic. There were however two weaknesses on the album. Not weak enough though to ruin the album. The song should have matured some more. Some people love it, others hate it. The pre-chorus and chorus are mind blowing though!

Now the production is perfect. It is organic yet clear and certainly heavy enough. For some reason the sound of the guitars is just as ochre as the album cover. Talking about the album cover, one of the best in Maiden history as well. Something which is hard to find on the small CD cover by the way. I know, a CD version is easier but this is an album you should own on vinyl because of the artwork!

So I advise everyone to get the vinyl and, if possible, the poster. So what makes this album so great? In the most straightforward terms, it has everything you could ask for. Soaring vocals, in depth lyrics, blazing solos, dueling riffs, grooving bass and hammering drums. Here we see fusion many elements which propelled Maiden for the apex of their career.

Lyrically, the song themes you will come across are classic Maiden. Songs about battles and war are now completely encompassed by dog fighting in the air to classic sword fights. Pretty rare for a band to write about both types of warfare. Other songs include lyrics about Egyptian Mythology. I hate it when the music does not blend with the words. Not an issue here. The harmony lines will simply blow you away.

Two guitars truly prove to be better than one from the opening lick of the album all the way through the very end of the record.

Trademark gallops, are at there pinnacle here as well. You will still hear his legendary legato trills more than ever. Steve Harris is one of the best bassists in metal.

Finally something I can hear. However, I must have noticed that his volume on his PAN must have been lowered because it does not have the same kick as Piece of Mind and certainly not of the first albums. This is not a complaint but rather just something I noticed. Bringing less of marchy feel he does not disappoint here. The album is loaded with fills at every 3 measures keeps your mind from wandering astray. Constructive criticism and let downs are at a minimal.

In fact there is none. The songs can be classified as epic stories or headbanging thrillers. For those who want to sit down and really listen deep in the song, you are not disappointed. For those who just want to go balls out and raise hell you are not disappointed.

For those who just want to cruise with their buddies on the highway while listening to highway tunes you are not disappointed. It has the adaptability to appropriately conform to any environment. There are no fillers here. You can listen to every single song and really have every single one as a regular song on your IPOD.

Even the cover is insanely awesome. It gives you the appropriate feel of the album while having bitching artwork to compliment the album. Eddie can be seen as a Pharaoh and a Mummy. Eddie can be seen as a lot of people. However, these reasons still do not make this the greatest album of all time.

Only this does. It symbolizes metal. Elements of power, thrash, progressive, heavy, even some black metal can be found here. Many influences for many years will look back at this album as a reference.

To hear a sophisticated style of music while still having fun. It is significant of me. My personal favorite album, so no need to say that it gets a One month ago I thought like that. Two weeks ago, I gave another chance to Powerslave and, oh my God, I was terribly wrong about this album: it has no fillers at all! From the beginning to the end, this record is almost flawless.

This is the peak of Iron Maiden's career, undoubtely. The guitar work is the most brilliant aspect of Powerslave: Adrian Smith and Dave Murray form a fantastic team and they deliver an amazing performance. All the guitar solos are absolutely stunning, from the fast one on Aces High to the calm one on the title track.

The riffs are also amazing and very memorable. However, they show their real virtuosity on the middle part of The Duellists: just listen to it, all the riffs on it are amazing and so are the solos. Nicko McBrain, the drummer, delivers a very consistent performance too. As all the songs are relatively fast, he plays in a very dynamic and efficient way. In fact, he doesn't play ultra-technic patterns, he prefers to stay behind the guitars and play relatively simple but very memorable beats listen to the first one on Flash of the Blade, believe me, it's very catchy.

The vocals are another highlight of the record. Bruce Dickinson shows his great talent on every song, especially on Aces High, where he delivers an amazing vocal performance. Nevertheless, this is one of his best performances ever. He also proves to be an excellent songwriter: he penned two of the best songs of the record: Aces High with Adrian Smith and the title track. The bass work is audible kudos to the great production! Steve Harris is an amazing player and songwriter: he composed many of the tracks of this record, including the fantastic epic Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

As I've already said, all the songs are pretty fast and energic, so don't expect ballads on this record. At the same time, you should neither expect a typical heavy metal album full of straight-forward songs, that follow the same structure. Almost every track is relatively complex, with lenghty instrumental sections and some breakdowns here and there. It's very hard for me to name stand-outs: all the songs are very good.

The first one, Aces High, is one of my favourite Iron Maiden songs and it is very fast. An amazing anthem with a very cool breakdown. And now, I'll review the middle section of the record, which seem to annoy many people.

Meh, such a lie. Losfer Words is a decent and solid instrumental song, but definitely not a filler. Flash of the Blade is an underrated track.

It opens with one of the best guitar riffs I've ever heard; then, the drums and the bass join the guitars and Bruce begins to sing. The chorus is extremely catchy and after it comes an extremely good instrumental section. The guitar riff that begins is very good and the solo is pretty decent. After a while, Dickinson sings — again - the fantastic chorus, the first riff is played and the song ends. Very good track. Then, you have no time to breathe.

McBrain hits the snare and The Duellists kicks off. This is the third best song of the record and that is saying something.

The chorus is also catchy and the instrumental section is even better than the one on the previous track. The song is pretty fast and the lyrics fit well the music, as they talk about a fight between two, err, duellists. Back in the Village is the worst track of the record, but it isn't that bad actually, there are some very good riffs here and there. So, how can you people call those tracks fillers? Okay, Back in the Village is a bit weak, but isn't horrible; Losfer Words is a nice song, Flash of the Blade and The Duellists are some of the most underrated Maiden tunes ever!

Then, we reach the last two songs. Well, those two are real masterpieces. The title track is the heavier song of the record, thanks to its main riff. Bruce Dickinson delivers a very good and passionate performance and the lyrics are among the best of the album. They talk about Egypt and some riffs are very reminiscent of the music of that country, so the atmosphere of the song is amazing.

After 3 minutes, there is a fantastic breakdown, with superb bass lines, soft drumming and an outstanding guitar solo. Then, the song becomes heavier and the solo gets faster. When the solos end, McBrain plays a fast fill, the main riff returns and the chorus is repeated, bringing back the egyptian atmosphere. The song ends greatly this way. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner begins immediately after the end of the title track. Every Maiden album has an epic track.

The song was entirely composed by Harris and it is based on the homonym poem of Samuel Coleridge. The song has lots of different sections. It begins with a drum fill and some simple guitar riffs. Bruce begins to sing about the mariner and how he killed a bird. The shipmates blame him because of that as they apparently think that the death of birds brings bad omens. Then, they hang the bird around the neck of the mariner, as a punishment. After 6 minutes, the song becomes calm and a narrator talks more about the story.

Then, a wonderful bass line is played, which is related to the rising of the unlucky mariner. The song becomes heavy again and wonderful solos are played.

The song ends with the first guitar riff played and, also, with Bruce Dickinson concluding the story. This song is an authentic journey, indeed. So, we reach the end of the record, which is full of catchy yet complex songs, with fantastic instrumental sections, catchy choruses, solid drumming, good bass lines and outstanding vocals.

Apr 07,  · Iron Maiden - Powerslave () Album Photo. Format: Cassette. 15 likes. Iron Maiden Album Photos.

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Best of Megatron ; cover art by Livio Ramondelli. Views Page Discussion View source History. The Damnation Game [Music: Michael Romeo, Michael Pinnela, Miller, Jason Rullo and Russel Allen] Forever cursed by this game, he who plays with sin Incantations summoned up our creations We're players cast in this tale, believe it stranger than fiction This justice thunders our condemnation Falling into innocence by a shadow's kiss He speaks what mortals dare to say, will he betray?

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Screaming enter the Damnation Game [Solo] If you dare play the game - your descent preordained from their fiery thrones screaming, cursing your name On the terror it breeds - breating fire and greed watch him laugh as you bledd Screaming enter the Damnation Game [Solo] If you dare play the game - your descent preordained from their fiery thrones screaming, cursing your name On the terror it breeds - breathing fire and gree watch him jest as you bleed Screaming enter the Damnation Game 2. Dressed To Kill [Music: Michael Romeo, Michael Pinnela, Thomas Miller, Jason Rullo and Russel Allen] Dark desires of the cynic queen laugher echoes her name He feels his breath decay Opens the past to an empty page Watch his life drain away Arrival - dressed to kill, scarlet memories Watching and waiting for curtains to fall Arrival - dressed to kill, it's a tragedy Could you feel sympathy or pain?

In a desolate room, the canvas bleeds He slides through his chair rendered prince of fools Dire thoughts of her begotten son, Watch his life drain away Watch his life fade away Arrival - dressed to kill, scarlet memories Watching and waiting for curtains to fall Arrival - dressed to kill, it's a tragedy Could you feel sympathy or pain? The Edge Of Forever [Music: Michael Romeo, Michael Pinnela, Thomas Miller, Jason Rullo and Russel Allen] Pictures of what used to be, lie in pieces on the floor finds himself in an empty room, her voice calls out to him he opens the door, but there's no one there no one there Draped in a silken glow of moonlight through the mist I see, a lucid cathedral appears to me.

Love is flowing from my fingertips never in control of this domain. All around me, my essence lay watch the vultures circle through the pouring rain. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied.

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Made For You 7. Cannibal Priest 8. The Quiet Song 9. Crazy Little Johns Fallout Train Criminal Shotz Topic: Live In Cocoa. Jan 29, by BZ Studio Promotion. Night Beast 2. From The Swamp 3. Beer Buffet 4. Village Idiot 5. Fight Fair 6. Anti-Christ 7. End Of The Harvest 8. Brought Back To Death 9. Black Metal Halloween Topic: Live In Cocoa.

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Dec 6, Censored 3. Rotten Rose 4. Turbo 30 Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition. Judas Priest. Turbo is the tenth studio album by English heavy metal band Judas Priest, released on 14 April by Columbia Records. The album marked the band's first use of guitar synthesizers. A remastered CD was released in , including two bonus tracks. On 3 February , the album was reissued as Turbo 30 for its 30th anniversary, including two CDs of a live performance at the Sandstone Amphitheater near Kansas City, Missouri, on 22 May On Through The Night.

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The spoken word intro to "When the Walls Came Tumbling Down" was performed by Dave Cousins of Strawbs fame, although Joe Elliott had done the spoken portion in earlier live performances and demo recordings that showed up on some early bootlegs.

In his biography, Cousins claims that he did his best Laurence Olivier impersonation for the song's intro. After losing his voice during the writing of the album, lead singer Klaus Meine had to undergo surgery on his vocal cords and it was uncertain whether he would be able to record it.

Demos of the material were recorded with singer Don Dokken as lead singer; however none of those recordings are featured on the album and Dokken is only credited with and can be heard on backing vocals on the album.

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In , "Dangerous Tonight" was featured in the video game Watch Dogs. Ace of Spades. It peaked at No. It was preceded by the release of the title track as a single on October 27, which peaked in the UK Singles Chart at No. Metal Health. Quiet Riot. Metal Health is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot.

It was released on March 11, , bolstered by the No. Metal Health is notable for being the first heavy metal album to reach the top spot on the Billboard , replacing the Police's Synchronicity at number one in November The album went on to sell more than ten million copies worldwide and is considered a classic among heavy metal fans. Some critics, such as AllMusic, describe it as a one-hit wonder, owing to Quiet Riot's relative lack of critical and commercial success with following albums towards the end of the s.

The title track was ranked No. The song "Thunderbird" is dedicated to guitarist and founding member Randy Rhoads. Kill 'Em All. Kill 'Em All is the debut studio album by the American heavy metal band Metallica, released on July 25, , by the independent record label Megaforce Records.

Kill 'Em All is regarded as a groundbreaking album for thrash metal because of its precise musicianship, which fuses new wave of British heavy metal riffs with hardcore punk tempos. The album's musical approach and lyrics were markedly different from rock's mainstream of the early s and inspired a number of bands who followed in similar manner. The album did not enter the Billboard until , when it peaked at number , following Metallica's commercial success with its third studio album Master of Puppets; the Elektra reissue peaked at number

album: "The Damnation Game" () 1. The Damnation Game 2. Dressed To Kill 3. The Edge Of Forever 4. Savage Curtain 5. Whispers 6. The Haunting 7. Secrets 8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude (Part I) 9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension (Part II).

Gia Mellish. Speed Up Original. Same Man Extended Mix. Now You're Gone Club Mix. Lisa Millett. At Night. Najee N-Toon - Ready Album Version Dmx - What U Want Feat. Sisqo Juvenile - Back That Thang Up Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone Upon payment, your purchase is dispatched the same or next business day. We offer courier to P O Boxes. There were no answered questions or comments placed on this listing. You must have Javascript enabled to ask and answer questions Your question and answer privileges have been disabled.

You must log in to view questions and answers on this listing. We recommend reading questions before you make any purchases. Question submitted. Comment submitted. You must log in to ask or answer questions posted. Available only to approved bidders. The UK duo's previously-shelled debut for Warner Music, featuring a host of special guests, finally sees the light of day.

This new comp from Future Disco reaffirms their purpose, presenting 17 tracks with deep grooves and space-age atmosphere. Ordinary Drugs by Folamour. Explore music. Nick Gray. Nick Gray It's a Z Records compilation: enough said. Favorite track: Reachin' Vocal Mix. Lee Waller. Music New This Week. New Today. Last 8 Weeks. Back Catalogue. Back In Stock. Coming Soon. DJ Charts. Juno Recommends. Today's Offers. Gift Vouchers. All Genres. Rock All. Studio Equipment.

Techno All. Techno Hard Techno. Halo US Promo. One Caress US Promo. Location: Australia. Nice one - hold on to those beauties.

No mixes on Halo Yea I agree, you would think that if it were to be a single that mixes would have been on there as well. There is a "promo" DJ12MUTE that has the Hellfire and Uncomfortable mixes, but it's always been questioned whether those were ever officially licensed mixes or if the promo is official at all. And yea, I will definitely be holding on to these!

It makes a nice trifecta along with the Strangelove and Behind The Wheel promos! Jagger69 and Marc 74 like this. I am sharing pics from my google photos but have no idea why my previous pictures are no longer showing? Hadn't seen that problem before Instrumental Roger S. Presents Nu-Solution Feat. Mix Marcy Lee — Special Devastating Feat. Kamar — In Every Way Jason Load Experience Feat. Iyona — Mainline Dana — For You Bouncing Sax The Club Mix Single

G-Club discography and songs: Music profile for G-Club.

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Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Play album. Length Related Tags bestone hibest lobest midbest bestallof Add tags View all tags. From The Album Play album. Best Of Duane Eddy 16, listeners. Play track.

Artist images 30 more. In the late s and early s he had a string of hit records, produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for their characteristically "twangy" sound, including "Rebel Rouser", "Peter Gunn", and "Because They're Young". He had sold 12 million records by He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Born in Corning, New York, he began playing the guitar at the age of five. In his family moved to Tucson, and then to Coolidge, Arizona.

At … read more. In the late s and early s he had a string of hit records, produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for t… read more. In the late s and early s he had a string of hit records, produced by Lee Hazlewood, which were noted for their characteristically "twangy" sou… read more.

Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am.

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Best Of Duane Eddy on Discogs. Label: RCA Victor - LSP • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Stereo • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Country Rock, Rockabilly/5(5).